Unveiling our new image – Introducing…Forge

Charles Southey  /  13th December 2017

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Forging ahead

The year of 2017 has been hugely positive, pivotal and eventful all at once! I’m extremely excited about what 2018 and beyond will hold. It’s with eager anticipation and much excitement that we announce our whole new image, name and rebrand.

Where we’ve been

When we started way back in 2009 we set out to serve local SMEs around our office in Hertfordshire by designing and building more effective websites. Our name ‘Digital Results’ was synonymous with this original idea and enabled us to attract a number of fantastic clients, many of whom we are proudly still working with today.

This year we made a leap by moving our offices to London. We haven’t looked back and we’ve been able to strengthen our team through new hires, attracted a number of new clients and have been better placed to more effectively support our existing, long-standing clients.

In a bid to clarify our business objectives, we spent the last few months looking at our own marketing and brand positioning. This process began by looking carefully at who we serve and what we do best.

What we do best

We create digital experiences that start meaningful conversations.

On one hand we craft digital experiences that engage, educate and activate audiences – whether it’s websites, apps, software, games or a multitude of other digital assets.

And on the other hand we devise marketing strategies that, through a combination of execution and technology, are designed to generate qualified sales leads that turn into meaningful conversations.

Forge these two hands together (under one roof) and you have a really powerful, unique and attractive offering. And that’s us.

Have you guessed our new name yet?

Delighting our clients

We work with clients of varying size across many different industries. We work with CEOs, business owners, marketing managers within small – medium sized businesses. We also work with other agencies, providing the expertise which enables them to deliver creative digital briefs.

Whilst a rebrand might be seen as having no effect on our customers whatsoever, I believe that it could (and should) transform our relationship with our existing customers.

Our focus on ‘digital results’ is still deeply embedded within our mindset and one of the driving forces behind the rebrand was to look at how we can be better in all respects for our clients.

We have a handful of ambitious goals, which in turn will benefit our clients:

  • Grow our team and talent pool – more expertise for our clients to benefit from.
  • Win awards and accolades for our client work – high calibre, award-winning work for our clients.
  • Become a ‘Top 100’ agency by 2020 – clients will benefit from a ‘best practice’ approach.

It’s my personal goal to ensure that we work more closely with our clients than ever before. I am extremely proud to work with with every one of our clients and I’m utterly grateful for their custom which without, we simply would not exist. It is our partnerships with our clients that will help us achieve greatness, so we must achieve greatness on behalf of our clients too.

Forging relationships. Forging ahead. We are Forge.

Charles Southey

Founder, Forge