How Forge is dealing with COVID-19

Charles Southey / 16th March 2020

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Dear friends

Forge is open for business 👍

I’ll keep this short, to avoid getting you to read things you’ve already read one hundred times1 in recent weeks…

Remote working

Since the government’s announcement on 16/03/2020, all of our team are now working from home until further notice. We wrote our first ‘remote working policy’ more than 3 years ago, so we’re pretty adept at operating whilst not physically in the office. We’ve invested in technology over the years to allow us to work remotely with ease. We use Google Hangouts (for meetings and video calls), Slack (for fast messaging and general chit chat), Basecamp (project management and keeping on top of tasks to complete) and VOIP phone calls. Whether all of us, some of us or none of us are in the office, we can operate now and in future without any problems.

We’re in this together 💪

The next few months are a time for solidarity.

From a business perspective, the services we provide at Forge are more critically important than ever before. We position our clients to win more business through online marketing. With exhibitions cancelled, face-to-face meetings off the table and all traditional sales routes blocked, online marketing is one of the only remaining ways to attract sales from new customers. We’re ready to help you step things up into the next gear.

From a personal perspective, we must support each other through it – especially those in need. In time, things will be more normal again.

Best regards,

Charles Southey

1 N.B. For the most part, we are following the government’s advice with a few differences specific to Forge.