How Forge uses inbound marketing to generate sales ready leads

Chris Paton  /  13th August 2019

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Meet Antenova. Antenova supply antennas and produce resources and articles for product engineers.

This is Jim. Jim is a product engineer at a large tech company. Jim is having trouble finding the right antenna for his electric bike design.

Jim searches for a solution on Google. Antenova want to attract engineers like Jim so they tailor their content to appear at the top of Google. Jim sees the Antenova article and clicks through to their website.

Jim reads the article but wants to know more, so he downloads a free e-book offered at the end of the page. Antenova ask for some data such as his email, company name, and details about his project, in exchange for the e-book. Jim reads through the e-book and uses it to solve his problem. With the data he gave, Jim is converted into a contact in Antenova’s database.

Antenova sends Jim more content he may find useful. Over time, Jim gets more useful content and is nurtured into a qualified lead.

Forge deliver Jim’s details to the Antenova sales team. Antenova call Jim, already knowing about his project thanks to the data collected earlier.  They successfully close a deal with Jim to supply antennas that work with his electric bike design. This process is automated so leads are constantly being attracted, converted, nurtured and delivered.

To date, Forge have delivered over 300 closable leads for Antenova. With each new customer potentially worth tens of thousands of pounds, we have been able to deliver a substantial return on investment.

At Forge, we generate these sorts of results day-in, day-out, for all kinds of businesses. If you need leads, get in touch. Find out what Forge can do for your business.