Developing the digital face of the Business Growth Fund

Marketing Managers

The Business Growth Fund (BGF) was formed in 2011 to meet a growing need for investment in small and medium-sized businesses in the UK. 2017 saw BGF undertake a major rebrand in order to help better communicate their offering to growing UK businesses. This included a complete redesign of their website, which is where we stepped in.


The problem

BGF needed a digital partner to help them bring their new brand identity to life, online. On top of that, they needed help transitioning away from a broken and antiquated content management system. They also had hundreds of pages of relevant content that needed to be deployed in a manner that would be easily searchable by prospective clients. And, they needed to integrate a number of sales and marketing services.

BGF had worked closely with London agencies Brandcap and to design the new visual identity but needed specific digital skills in order to build their website and primary marketing platform.

BGF Mobile

BGF in Numbers

• £1.2bn invested

• 180 companies backed

• 10 BGF offices

• 7th most active private investor in the world

What we did

We worked with BGF and Brandcap to build a potent new digital experience. We developed a brand new responsive website from scratch, implementing a new content management system and integrating a plethora of sales and marketing tools, including Hubspot.

We provided essential technical support and consultation throughout the design process. We also provided expert advice on search engine optimisation and security, which were key concerns for BGF. We helped transition from the old content management system in a seamless fashion by providing training and support. The final website was received very enthusiastically by all stakeholders and has already begun to yield positive results. There will be more to come as we continue to work with BGF as their digital development partner.

BGF coffee meeting