Generating a sales pipeline of over 700 engaged product engineers

Marketing / Website

Keronite is a materials science company that operates a global production network. They’re specialists in Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation which is a unique process for protecting metal components. They provide a bespoke service for their clients; crafting a tailored solution for each unique application. That might all sound rather niche, but their coatings are used in all sorts of industries, from aerospace and automotive to sports equipment and mobile phones. They work with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Keronite surface treatments are truly innovative. But they had always had a problem explaining this to people.


Key deliverables

  • Ongoing content marketing, writing and publishing detailed new materials science articles every month.
  • Attract and nurture a consistent pipeline of new sales leads.
  • Fresh new website, designed to reposition Keronite as the global leaders in metal coatings.
  • Email marketing and advertising campaigns built to support content marketing efforts.
  • Continual analysis and reporting.

Digital marketing

We’ve been working with Keronite since 2016 on a series of ongoing marketing campaigns. Through creation of high–quality, scientific content, we have successfully promoted Keronite’s capabilities to thousands of engineers and product designers around the world.

We’ve significantly raised Keronite’s ‘digital presence’; improving search engine rankings for key search terms and boosting web traffic by 65%. But that’s not what’s really important. What Keronite value over anything else is that we’ve been able to consistently provide them with a pipeline of high-quality new leads. They have been able to attain a number of high-value new contracts directly as a result of our content marketing efforts.


increase in website sessions in 2018


actively engaged engineers in our database


highly-qualified leads delivered to date

Keronite eBook

New website

In June 2018 Keronite launched a brand new website, strategically designed and developed here at Forge. We’d been wanting to get our hands on the old site since we’d started working with Keronite but our other marketing had always taken priority.

We rebuilt the website ground up, starting with the very basics. We rewrote all of the content on the website, repositioning it for our target demographic (which we know rather well by now). We created a fresh new design and built the website using the latest web technology. We had some fun implementing animations to increase user engagement but were careful to keep it relevant. The main animation on the homepage is actually a graphical representation of the Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation process!

Keronite Home