Raising the profile of one of the UK’s premier criminal defence firms

Marketing / Website

Lawtons came to us in 2016 with a clear brief; to refresh their digital presence and help them target their key audience more effectively. We’ve been working with them ever since.

The problem

Lawtons are one of the largest criminal defence solicitors in the UK. They currently have ten offices in London and the South East. After over a decade of solid growth, it was time for Lawtons to rethink their digital presence in order to better connect with their customers. Their website was dated and didn’t at all represent the quality of service that they provide. It was no longer performing in the way that we knew it could.

Lawtons stationary
Lawtons Sign
Turning corners
Lawtons guidelines

What we did


We started by developing a new brand identity for Lawtons. Their old logo and colour scheme had a certain… vintage charm. But it didn’t represent the modern and progressive company that Lawtons had become. After a series of iterations, we arrived at a finished solution. We created a clean new logo consisting of a capital ‘L’, subtly representing ‘turning a corner’ (a nice message for putting legal difficulties behind you). We created a fresh new colour scheme and developed an image style that we could use on the website, instead of resorting to clichéd pictures of gavels and scales.


Lawtons art direction

  • Branding
  • Bespoke website design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • Continuing marketing support
  • 100% increase in relevant enquiries

Website redesign

With a strong aesthetic established, we set about redesigning the Lawtons website in its entirety. There were lots considerations that needed to be met.

The old site had a tonne of content on it, some of it was great and some of it not so great. We audited the entire website, adjusting and rewriting content where necessary. We designed a site architecture that was easily navigable by Lawton’s target market; ordinary people looking for expert legal advice. We addressed search engine optimisation (SEO) concerns, ensuring that Lawton’s already high search rankings were retained and in many instances improved upon.

Finally, we designed a website aesthetic that would inspire trust and carefully guide users towards the help and information that they require.

Marketing support

We continue to work with Lawtons on a monthly basis. We provide digital marketing advice and expertise and generate new website content designed to bring more customers to the law firm. Lawton’s have seen huge growth in traffic and relevant enquiries since we began to work with them.

Lawtons Logo