Creating an informational bespoke website for London Dermatologist

Marketing / Website

Londerma is a group of medical clinics providing dermatology services to patients in London. If you have any problems with your skin we would certainly recommend Londerma! We have had the pleasure of working with Dr Edward Seaton and his team for a number of years and have enjoyed watching and being a part of his impressive business.

What was the problem?

When we started working with the team at Londerma, they were going through the inception phase. There was no branding, identity or messaging and they had nothing more than a (very strong!) business plan.

With such big plans for the organisation, they needed us to help them create a brand identity, a new website and messaging that positioned them as an authority in the field of dermatology.

londerma website


Our solution

We worked with Londerma to develop a brand identity which focused on both London and Dermatology. We designed and built a website which provides prominence to clinically orientated content for patients. This content serves to help people understand their skin conditions and what they can do about it.

Understandably, many skin conditions require medical attention and by providing useful and valuable content, Londerma have been able to build trust with prospective patients. Consequently patients look to book appointments with Londerma and can achieve this directly via the website.