Office Resale

Building a search engine optimised eCommerce site for a leading furniture re-manufacturer

Marketing / Website

Office Resale is a sister company of Premier Workplace Services. Specialising in the remanufacture and sale of used office furniture, the business needed a new, fully search engine optimised eCommerce website to fit their growing brand. Forge created a bold and user-friendly design, built around SEO, to show off Office Resale’s extensive catalogue of furniture and streamline the sales process.

The problem

Office Resale’s previous website was becoming quickly outdated and prone to issues. The store was difficult to navigate, pages weren’t engaging, and the site lacked strong search engine optimisation, meaning it was struggling to rank and received little traffic from organic sources.

Our solution

Forge completely redesigned Office Resale’s website giving them a strong new identity and a modern online presence. Using WooCommerce, the web store was given powerful functionality in both the front and back end.

To improve the search engine optimisation and ranking of the site, keywords were targeted and content was specifically tailored towards common search queries. Additional pages of the website were created and written to improve the customer experience, generate more leads, and highlight other offerings that Office Resale provide.

Visitors from Google

1231 Jul 18
1577 Aug 18
1540 Sep 18
1844 Oct 18
2055 Nov 18
2242 Dec 18
2762 Jan 19
2519 Feb 19
3097 Mar 19
3121 Apr 19
3487 May 19