Stars of Dentistry

Branding, marketing and developing a website for a large national dentistry seminar

Digital Design / Marketing / Website

Stars of Dentistry is an annual seminar organised by FMC, hosting lectures and exhibitions by some of Dentistry’s biggest names. With the audience being dental professionals, the event has a specific target market and is one of the largest events in the dental calendar.

The Problem

The old Stars of Dentistry website was dated and didn’t feel as exclusive as the event it was advertising. Ticket sales were slowing and marketing was not bringing in the required results. Forge were asked to turn this around with a new inbound marketing approach, brand, and website.

Our approach

Forge redesigned the website and branding, focusing the website on lead generation and creating a more exclusive look for the event. Email marketing campaigns to both engaged customers and new prospects led to great results and contributed to the sale of a large amount of tickets.

Stars of Dentistry in Numbers

  • 9175 monthly sessions, constituting a 63.2% rise from the previous year.
  • Average landing page submission rate of 26.9%
  • 29.6% open rate and 4.91% click through rate on email marketing