Cookie Policy

Our policy on Cookies? Scoff them while they’re hot. But seriously, read on to learn more.

We use cookies to understand how you use our site. This policy explains what they are, how we use them, and how to disable them.

Cookies are small text files that your browser stores as you browse the web. When you come back to a website that has previously dished out a few cookies, the website can see these, clever marketers will use these to change your experience based on what it reads on them. It could be to understand what cookies you’ve already got, what web pages you’ve previously visited, it could even remember settings you changed when you were here last.

Cookies on this website

At Forge, we use two types of cookies:

  • Analytics and performance cookies
    • We’re always looking for great marketing technologies to power our campaigns that create real revenue. This means we use 3rd party cookies upon occasion, but we use these sparingly and with only the best intentions in mind. Despite our playful tone–we take your privacy seriously, and make every effort to ensure your data, information and website activity are securely stored, never shared and always remain your property.
    • HubSpot Cookies. We’re HubSpot Gold Partners–did you know? We use HubSpot to bring us analytics, create attributable marketing campaigns and use data you provide us to customise your experience in all of our marketing communications.
    • Google Analytics Cookies. We’re using Google Analytics 4 to track your browsing behaviour on this website. It tells us what pages are hot for conversions, and which are underperforming. We can see where you entered the site from, the search terms you might have used, and other anonymised information.
  • Third-party social cookies
    • Google Ads Cookies. We’re using a Google Tag (Gtag) on this website to track conversions and make our advertising efforts as attributable as they can be. We take a scientific approach to PPC – maximising the return on our ad spend by taking data-informed strategic decisions that generate us quality leads.
    • LinkedIn Cookies. Our LinkedIn Campaigns are incredibly effective. We’ve got LinkedIn’s Insight tag installed to get anonymised insights about our website visitors. That includes industries, job roles and other demographic information that we may use to re-target you through LinkedIn campaigns. Actions you take on this website will change the kind of content you see from us on LinkedIn – clever, right?

Opt-out from cookies

What if you still don’t want them?

As of the 25th of May 2018, we need your express consent to use certain kinds of cookies. You can opt out when you first visit our website and you needn’t see another cookie of ours again.

You can usually turn off all cookies in your browser settings — either for the whole internet (a word of warning–this will probably cause more hassle than it’s worth, trust me: this author has tried) , or just this website. It’ll be somewhere in the privacy area of your browser settings. If in doubt – consult your browser’s support website (which will use cookies, probably).

Contact our data protection officer

If you’ve got a burning question, issue or concern about our use of cookies, email our friendly muffin (cookie) man, Jon on