Building a sales pipeline of qualified leads for a niche tech manufacturer

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Antenova is fast becoming the antenna provider of choice for leading tech product manufacturers. They’re a global company with a head office in the UK, manufacturing based in Taipei and sales support in California, Ottawa and Shanghai. Antenova’s market-leading products are used in all sorts of products, from mobile phones and IoT devices to cars and medical instruments.

Forge devise and execute Antenova’s ongoing digital marketing strategy. Through careful research and publication of highly engaging technical content, we connect product designers with the Antenova brand. We successfully promote a hi-tech range of antennas to an audience that is typically resilient to traditional marketing techniques. To date, we’ve uncovered new leads that have converted into thousands of unit sales.


Our goals

  • Build an engaged database of designers, engineers and procurement managers working for high-value manufacturing businesses.
  • Generate a pipeline of highly qualified leads to pass to the sales team to close.
  • Make Antenova the ‘go-to’ online destination for technical resources about antennas.


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What we do

Over the past two years we have partnered with Antenova to deliver digital marketing campaigns designed to generate highly targeted sales leads. Our ideas and expertise have enabled Antenova promote their hi-tech products to a carefully targeted demographic. They have become leaders within their industry with regards to their innovative use of digital content.

Using content marketing we build digital campaigns around a series of topics related to wireless antenna technology. We establish thought leadership by researching and writing compelling articles and eBooks on different industry themes. This content is designed to resonate primarily with product designers, engineers and procurement managers. Engagement with this content digital content promotes the brand and has transformed Antenova into the go-to online source for ‘everything antenna’.

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Delivering valuable new qualified sales lead

Through clever use of marketing tech, we’re able to identify and accurately qualify sales leads from all over the world. To date, we’ve passed over 240 qualified leads to Antenova.

That might not seem like a lot if you compare it with a similar sized consumer brand. But, if consider that if just one of these engineers decides to design an Antenova product into their circuit, this converts into hundreds of thousands of yearly unit sales when that product goes into manufacture.

During the period that we’ve been working with Antenova, we have generated leads from some of the most prominent hardware and tech firms in the world. We can’t name them here. But you’ve definitely heard of them.

New website

We actually initially worked with Antenova to design and build their new website. We enabled Antenova to quickly launch an engaging and responsive new site, designed to attract their target audience. This has propelled Antenova’s online presence far ahead of their competition.

Innovative new ideas

2019 has seen the launch of ask.antenova; an innovative new platform where a global community of product designers and engineers can exchange knowledge and expertise with one another, whilst also gaining access to Antenova’s team of experts.

Ask Antenova

Monthly activities

We’re continuously striving to provide more value for our clients. Our monthly output each month is therefore rather large:

Marketing and software integration

We selected HubSpot to help run our content marketing campaigns. Our team of web developers carefully maintain the integration of this powerful software with Antenova’s website. This allows us to continuously monitor and analyse our content marketing efforts. It also provides complete transparency; enabling Antenova to see the value that we provide at a glance.

Persona research

We research and analyse Antenova’s target demographic on a continuous basis. We uncover the topics that resonate most with them so that we can produce content that they want to consume.

Content strategy

We devise content titles to research and write. We back this up with a plan for delivery including email marketing, social media marketing (LinkedIn), link building and PR.


We continuously optimise our content for valuable search terms in order to establish Antenova as the authority on everything to do with antennas.

Downloadable guides

Alongside the articles that we research, write and publish, we also produce downloadable guides. These form the main call-to-action for our readers. Having read articles online, they are happy to provide a little information about themselves and their business in return for a downloadable guide about a topic that is important to them.

Conversion rate optimisation

We constantly monitor conversation rates on our landing pages and iterate the design, copy and layout to get the best results.


Using HubSpot software, we’re able to accurately track what our target demographic are doing on the website. We gain insight into what works for them, allowing us to provide more even targeted content.

Handing over leads

Working with Antenova, we’ve carefully calibrate what we define as a ‘qualified’ marketing lead. We don’t hand thousands of leads to the sales team. But we do give them a handful of red-hot prospects that are worth thousands in new business.

Project management

We manage the entire marketing process with a keen eye. With a dedicated campaign manager, we keep on top of output and deadlines. We use project management software for maximum transparency. At any time, Antenova can log in and find out the status of a campaign. On top of this, we have designated weekly calls with members of the Antenova team and quarterly meetings with top level management (including investors) in order to make sure everything stays on track. We also generate monthly reports that highlight activity and results over the previous four weeks.


marketing qualified leads generated


increase in YoY website visits


targeted pieces of technically-orientated written and published each year


email marketing open rate (75% higher than the industry benchmark)