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Marketing / Website

Antenova is fast becoming the antenna provider of choice for leading product manufacturers. They’re a global company with a head office in the UK, manufacturing based in Taipei and sales support in California, Ottawa and Shanghai.

Forge has worked with Antenova for a number of years. We’ve defined their digital strategy and helped to digitally promote a hi-tech range of antenna to product designers and procurement managers across the world.

Smart City

What we did

We started working with Antenova several years ago when we were asked to design and develop their new website. We helped them to quickly launch a slick and responsive new site, and propel their web presence far beyond its competition.

Ever since we designed their website, we’ve worked closely with Antenova on a continuous basis. We drive digital marketing campaigns that are designed to generate results. Our ideas and expertise have enabled Antenova to lead the way within their industry in terms of digital content. We’ve successfully promoted their hi-tech components to a carefully targeted demographic.

A lot of work that we do with Antenova could be termed ‘content marketing’. We devise campaigns around a series of topics related to wireless antenna technology and write a number of compelling articles and eBooks on that theme. These pieces of content are designed to resonate primarily with product designers. Engagement with Antenova’s thought-provoking digital content promotes the brand. It transforms Antenova into the go-to source for both antenna information and the products themselves. If a single engineer decides to design an Antenova product into their circuit, this can mean hundreds of thousands of yearly unit sales if that product gets manufactured.


marketing qualified leads generated


increase in website visits over 2017


targeted blog posts and eBooks written and published each year


email marketing open rate (75% higher than the industry benchmark)


Monthly activities

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content writing
  • Social media advertising
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Keyword research into search opportunities
  • Website maintenance and development
  • Email campaigns and automated email workflow setup
  • Landing page design and optimisation